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    Scott Lippitt
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    Business Coaching/Consulting
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In one year, EXOTTO helped Business Resultants to create a pipeline of continuous, compelling prospects.




Customer Story

Business Resultants train a few hand-selected Virtual Business Advisors on a proven, results-based program that allows advisors to sign up all the small business advising/coaching clients they can handle.


They help business owners DOUBLE or triple their net profits WITHOUT spending an additional dollar on marketing or advertising.


Business Resultants needed help finding the leads in their niche. That is when Exotto came in. Business Resultants witnessed substantial growth through a data-driven approach, customized email campaigns, comprehensive lead-generation strategies, and collaborative engagement.


  • Targeted Accountants/CPAs and Business Brokers
  • Generated leads on LinkedIn and email by engaging with Coaches, Marketing consultants, Marketing agencies, Business Consultants

The Solution​​

  • Performed thorough research and formulated a marketing strategy aligned with the client’s goals.

  • Created multiple email campaigns to target specific markets.

  • Devised a comprehensive plan to generate leads and increase brand visibility.

  • Engaged in meetings with various professionals including coaches, marketing consultants, agencies, and business consultants.

The Results​

  • 1169 Appointments
  • 4215 Conversations
  • Outreached 58408 Prospects

Business Resultants + Exotto

The transformative impact of this partnership solidified Business Resultants' position as a leader in the business coaching industry, showcasing their ability to deliver exceptional results for their clients.

Better Relationships. Less
work. More sales.


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