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We boost your profits by building a robust sales pipeline

EXOTTO is highly skilled at starting conversations, generating and prequalifying leads. Because we take the time to learn about your business, prospects can be handed off seamlessly to your team behind the scenes once an appointment is booked.

Your sales team gets appointments with prequalified leads who are already interested in learning more about your products and services.

Let your Sales team do what they do best

Are your sales people still doing their own lead generation and cold outreach? If so, switch to a process that uses your highly skilled, specialized revenue generators to your best advantage. They need to be focused on building relationships and closing deals.

Save time and money by hiring EXOTTO to become an extension of your marketing and sales team. Give us the task of processing 1000's of leads and pulling out the ones that have true potential to become customers.

B2B Appointment Setting


You are the expert on your own business. The EXOTTO Team takes the time to understand your business, your needs, your pain points and your target audience.


We translate what you have taught us into an outreach campaign that targets your ideal customers, the decision makers at companies you want to work with.


We find and engage with your ideal customers, by initiating value-based conversations that serve to educate then on your products and services. Your sales team receives a flow of prequalified leads.


The EXOTTO Team handles all correspondence, including objections, up until the calendar invites are sent. We start the conversation, you build the relationship.

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Here's how it works...

Defining Your Target Audience

A sales prospecting campaign is most effective when it is very well defined. Ask youself and your team:
Who is your ideal customer? What are their challenges? How can you make their lives easier?

Finding Key Influencers & Decision Makers

We then create a highly targeted LinkedIn search query that only flags contacts that fit the characteristics of your ideal customer. You can refine this search by industry, # of employees, job title, and much more. Once identified, we pull the prospect's email address from their profile, ready for your campaign's launch. If it is not listed on their profile, we have other methods to track it down.

Preparing Your Campaign Content

You benefit from our experience and knowledge of email marketing best practices. We collaborate with you to create a set of customized email messages that will appeal to your target audience. These messages include the initial outreach, follow-ups and objection handling.

Starting the Conversation

The specialist assigned to your campaign communicates with prospects using your targeted emails. These email messages include the initial outreach, follow-ups and objection handling. We also track response metrics and will carry out A/B tests, trying out different subject lines, different wording, etc. to maximize the ROI for your campaign.

Booking Appointments

Our team handles all communication with each  prospect to the point where they have specific questions about your product or service and need to speak with a sales person. We then direct them to your scheduler to set up an appointment at their convenience. We also alert your team that there is a prequalified lead ready for the next step.

Closing Deals

Your sales team spends their time on the high value task of nurturing warm leads. We do the time-consuming, cold emailing on your behalf so they focus on what they do best, building relationships and closing deals.

Meet some of EXOTTO's many happy customers.

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What’s it like to work with Exotto?

“The team at EXOTTO (Myron Digital) doing really great work on a daily basis. Very Serious and Very Consistent! Their knowledge and expertise is quite valuable for us. You feel like they know what they are doing. I highly recommend their services.”


Shannon Etienne

Managing Director, Red Rocket Agency

"EXOTTO (Myron Digital) was able to grow my accounts on all different social media platforms. They knows the insights of social media and how to build-up your brand on social media. I would recommend Myron Digital for anyone running a business with Social Media Presence."


Joel Rottenberg

Founder of Structure Leadership & Management

“I have worked with Exotto since Jan 2022 on different campaigns. They have developed a strong and nurturing connection in which they discover and prioritize the factors that will deliver the best results. Working with them is wonderful because they have a nice sense of humor, but the job they perform is absolutely serious, focusing on the outcomes that best serve your company interests. They are not hesitant to disagree with the approach you present, but the appropriate strategy is always discovered via the debate that results from these differences of opinion.”


Shawn M Smith

President, Onjin

Yes, I want sales appointments with qualified leads.


The EXOTTO approach to pipeline growth

You gain access to a high performance sales and marketing team on demand. Your success is our success.
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