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    Red Rocket Agency
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    Health & Fitness
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In six weeks, EXOTTO helped Red Rocket Agency to create a pipeline of continuous, compelling prospects.




Customer Story

Red Rocket Agency offers the best-in-class digital marketing services and technology solutions to SMBs. They have a team of dedicated professionals providing undefinable search engine marketing solutions and digital marketing strategies to transform your company and create innovative design experiences at local and global scales.


Red Rocket Agency faced limited brand visibility, stagnant growth, and difficulty reaching target audiences in a competitive market.


Dive into the inspiring journey of Red Rocket Agency as they navigate marketing challenges and unlock their potential with Exotto’s transformative solutions.


  • Reach out to prospects in the health and wellness industry.
  • Reach out to Healthcare providers serving their communities worldwide.

The Solution​​

  • Prospecting via email, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Ran A/B testing on different prospecting Email campaigns to improve creativity.
  • Determine the best technique for achieving the highest CTR and conversion rates.
  • Implemented strategies to drive high volumes of followers and engagement to the business through Facebook.

The Results​

  • 24 Appointments
  • 146 Conversations
  • Outreached 3540 Prospects

Red Rocket Agency + Exotto

Witness the transformative power of Exotto's solutions as Red Rocket Agency conquers marketing challenges, achieves remarkable success, and takes their business to new heights of excellence.

Better Relationships. Less
work. More sales.