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    Shawn M Smith
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    LinkedIn & Cold Email

In five months, EXOTTO helped Onjin to create a pipeline of continuous, compelling prospects.




Customer Story

Onjin is a full-service marketing agency that uses innovative technology to help companies reach their growth objectives through improved brand awareness, digital networking assets, lead nurturing campaigns & revenue acceleration. With their team having over 100 years of combined experience in
delivering results for their clients, Onjin equips you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in 2022 and beyond.


Onjin encountered significant hurdles in their quest for success. They grappled with low brand visibility, ineffective marketing strategies, and a lack of customer engagement.


Exotto reached out to the optimum number of prospects through email and LinkedIn and filled the client’s calendar with pre qualified leads.


  • Made LinkedIn connections by navigating the decision makers of the USA’s mid-size entertainment & media companies.
  • Found the ideal prospects and scheduled meetings with them.

The Solution​​

  • Created a multi-channel campaign, including both email and LinkedIn outreach.

  • Optimized the client’s LinkedIn profile and executed a highly targeted LinkedIn campaign.

  • Initiated a conversation with entertainment companies in the USA, specifically their CEOs, founders, and managing directors.

The Results​

  • 93 Appointments
  • 1030 Conversations
  • 15232 Prospects Outreached

Onjin + Exotto

By partnering with Exotto, Onjin overcame challenges, achieved exceptional results, and solidified their position in the market.

Better Relationships. Less
work. More sales.