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We Are Onjin + EXOTTO

Onjin helps sales professionals engage with their most qualified prospects via meaningful conversations at scale. They help you target people actively searching for your products and services so you can close business faster than ever before.


With their team having over 100 years of combined experience in delivering results for their clients, Onjin equips you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in 2022 and beyond. A full-service marketing agency that uses innovative technology to help companies reach their growth objectives through improved brand awareness, digital networking assets, lead nurturing campaigns & revenue acceleration.


To build the LinkedIn connections by navigating the decision makers of the mid-size entertainment & media companies in the USA. Onjin’s initial goal was to find ideal prospects and schedule meetings with them.

The Solution​: Appointment Setting Services at EXOTTO

EXOTTO created a multi-channel campaign including both email and LinkedIn outreach.


We optimized the client’s LinkedIn profile and executed a highly targeted LinkedIn campaign. We initiated a conversation with entertainment companies in the USA, specifically their CEOs, founders, and managing directors.


Our daily task was to reach out to the optimum number of prospects through email and LinkedIn. Then we filled the client’s calendar with prequalified leads.

The Results

In just one month, we expanded the client’s network and filled their sales pipeline with highly targeted, pre qualified leads. By the end of the four month campaign, we booked over 90 meetings for our client, Onjin.


LinkedIn outreach: We initiated communication with 1k+ and scheduled over 40 meetings over 4 months.


Email Outreach: We simultaneously received almost 1K email responses using the email and scheduled 50+ meetings for our client.

EXOTTO helps Onjin create a pipeline of
continuous, compelling prospects


increase in new conversations


increase in qualified prospects

Qualified Appointments

“I have worked with Exotto since Jan 2022 on different campaigns. They have developed a strong and nurturing connection in which they discover and prioritize the factors that will deliver the best results. Working with them is wonderful because they have a nice sense of humor, but the job they perform is absolutely serious, focusing on the outcomes that best serve your company interests. They are not hesitant to disagree with the approach you present, but the appropriate strategy is always discovered via the debate that results from these differences of opinion.”

Shawn M. Smith President at Onjin

Onjin + Exotto

Onjin worked with Exotto’s Appointment Settings team to create a pipeline of continuous, compelling content to prove out value and tap into a new market.

Better Relationships. Less
work. More sales.


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