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In six months, EXOTTO helped Focal Point UK to create a pipeline of continuous, compelling prospects.




Customer Story

Focal Point Coaching and Training take the proven business coaching techniques of the world-famous business trainer and author Brian Tracy and blend them with their coaches’ business skills and experience.


Their Coaches are experienced, business-minded professionals who are experts in Strategic Planning, Revenue Generation, Increasing Productivity, Sales Management, Financial Management etc. Their clients are business owners, executives, and managers who need clarity and support.


But they faced obstacles such as limited brand visibility, stagnant growth, and difficulty reaching target audiences in a competitive market.


The partnership with Exotto yielded remarkable outcomes, such as higher lead generation and a strengthened market position.


  • Targeted Leads must have been a manager or leader in any industry.
  • Lead Generation on LinkedIn and email by engaging with Professional people with 15+ years of experience.

The Solution​​

  • Developed a targeted email and LinkedIn campaign to contact Professional people.

  • Carried out a LinkedIn campaign specifically targeting managers or leaders in any industry.

  • A/B testing was performed.

The Results​

  • 87 Appointments
  • 2232 Conversations
  • Outreached 17827 Prospects

Focal Point UK + Exotto

Experience the transformative impact of Focal Point UK and Exotto partnership, driving remarkable lead generation and market growth.

Better Relationships. Less
work. More sales.