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    Michael Minter
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    eCommerce/Business Coaches
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In just two months, EXOTTO helped Drip Digital Media to create a pipeline of continuous, compelling prospects.




Customer Story

Drip Digital Media is a cutting-edge digital marketing agency specializing in paid and organic marketing for a wide variety of businesses worldwide. On the paid advertising side, they specialize in most platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Tiktok, Linkedin, and Email.


Drip Digital Media faced a challenge in managing client campaigns, streamlining internal processes, and ensuring consistent client communication. The campaign quickly generated leads and improved steadily. Exotto initiated communication with more than 600 by Email, out of which more than 65 turned out to be warm leads.



  • Connect with individuals looking for long-term business relationships and growth opportunities.
  • Target the CEOs, Owners, and other decision-makers of digital media companies who want to grow beyond referrals by automating marketing & sales operations.

The Solution​​

  • Generated 600+ leads, raised brand awareness, and scheduled meetings with Business Coaches and Consultants.
  • Successful email campaigns, A/B testing, and ongoing optimizations were done.
  • Specialists worked on different campaign aspects each day.

The Results​

  • 65 Appointments
  • 611 Warm Leads
  • Outreached 6409 Prospects

Drip Digital Media + Exotto

By leveraging an Appointment Setting Service at Exotto, Drip Digital Media achieved increased efficiency, improved client satisfaction, and significant campaign performance enhancements.

Better Relationships. Less
work. More sales.