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    Michael Minter
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    eCommerce/Business Coaches
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Drip Digital Media + EXOTTO

Drip Digital Media specializes in both paid, and organic marketing for a wide variety of businesses all over the world. On the paid advertising side of things they specialize in most platforms, including: Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Tiktok, Linkedin, and Email. Organically, they focus directly on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as utilizing their millions of groups to produce maximum engagement.


Drip Digital Media wanted to expand their audience by engaging with people who are ready to form long-term relationships with businesses and see a potential to grow with.


Client wanted us to target the CEOs, Owners and other decision makers of digital media companies who want to grow beyond referrals by automating marketing & sales operations.

The Solution​: Appointment Setting Services at EXOTTO

The basic objective was to create a thorough lead generation strategy, increase brand awareness, and schedule meetings with various Business Coaches and Consultants.


This was accomplished through the creation of a successful email campaign to reach the target audience, as well as A/B testing and optimizations. A dedicated specialist worked on specific areas of the campaign each day of the week in order to improve performance over time. This results in more email responses, which leads to appointments.

The Results

We increased the client’s network with highly targeted prospects in only one month.


We were able to connect with prospects, ensuring that meetings were scheduled with the relevant individuals and that the necessary objectives were in place before the client connects with them for the first time.


While working on this, we have initiated communication with more than 600 on Email and out of which more than 65 turned out to be warm leads.

EXOTTO helped Drip Digital Media to create a pipeline of continuous, compelling prospects


increase in new users


Email Responses



Better Relationships. Less
work. More sales.