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    Caroline Barbera
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In six weeks, EXOTTO helped Fully Booked Doctors to create a pipeline of continuous, compelling prospects.




Customer Story

Fully Booked Doctors is an esteemed organization specializing in patient generation for Plastic Surgeons and MedSpa Owners. With a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry, Fully Booked Doctors understand the unique challenges Plastic Surgeons and MedSpa Owners face in a competitive market. They offer a revenue guarantee, assuring clients will experience a tangible return on their investment. Additionally, their free reputation shield helps safeguard and enhance the online reputation of Plastic Surgeons and MedSpa Owners, attracting even more patients to their practices.


Partnering with Exotto, Fully Booked Doctors gained services that helped them reach business owners in cosmetic surgery in the US and elevated their business to new heights.


  • Contact Plastic Surgeons in the cosmetic sector.
  • Make contact with MedSpa Owners serving in the US.

The Solution​​

  • Conducted A/B testing on several prospecting Email messages.
  • Chose the approach to reach out to Medspa owners directly.
  • Launched a prospecting campaign on email and LinkedIn, and our target audience was Plastic surgeons in the United States.

The Results​

  • 12 Appointments
  • 165 Conversations
  • Outreached 3436 Prospects

Fully Booked Doctors + Exotto

Fully Booked Doctors, in partnership with Exotto, successfully reached business owners in the cosmetic surgery industry and elevated their business to new heights.

Better Relationships. Less
work. More sales.