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    Mike L. Murphy
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    Course Creators / Authors
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In 8 months, EXOTTO helped The Visionary Planner to create a pipeline of continuous, compelling prospects.




Customer Story

Mike L. Murphy founded The Visionary Planner, which helps you package your expertise and passion into an online brand that changes the world.


He has worked on blockbuster movies such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Ironman that have helped him to structure the development and growth of hundreds of small businesses to 6, 7, and to 8-figure businesses without the overwhelm and stress.


Mike L. Murphy was looking to take his business to new heights. He was searching for a B2B SaaS marketing company with strong expertise in executing marketing campaigns and generating B2B marketing leads on Email and LinkedIn.


Follow along as we explore his challenges and how Exotto stepped in to provide game-changing solutions.


  • Generate leads on LinkedIn and email by engaging with Course creators, coaches, speakers, consultants, authors.
  • Develop brand awareness.

The Solution​​

  • Conducted extensive research and developed a marketing plan based on their objectives

  • Designed multiple email campaigns consisting of a three- step email sequence as the client wanted to target different niches.

  • Optimized the email templates weekly because the client constantly looked for new things to test, and his primary focus was quality over quantity.

  • Developed a comprehensive lead generation plan and raised brand recognition.

  • Meetings with various speakers, authors, experts, health and wellness mentors, and consultants.

The Results​

  • 64 Appointments
  • 2056 Conversations
  • 21053 Prospects Outreached

The Visionary Planner + Exotto

By partnering with Exotto, Mike L. Murphy was able to overcome challenges, achieve exceptional results, and position his business for long-term success.

Better Relationships. Less
work. More sales.