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    Aiden Spaulding
  • Niche

    CBD Owners
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In 6 weeks, EXOTTO helped Dispensary Ranked to create a pipeline of continuous, compelling prospects.




Customer Story

Dispensary Ranked is a leading online platform providing comprehensive information and resources for dispensaries, products, and industry trends.

Dispensary Ranked is the #1 Dispensary Marketing agency that uses proven strategies to grow and scale your account. Their speciality- No bots or false promises. They have helped businesses in over 135 countries.

The company aimed to connect with professionals in the Canna Industry capable of handling increased customer demand.


  • Engage with the people from The Canna Industry, who are able to take on more customers.

The Solution​​

  • An effective lead generation approach incorporating email marketing and LinkedIn raised brand recognition and engaged target users from various demographics.
  • Launched a prospecting campaign on email and LinkedIn, and our target audience was CBD Owners in the United States.

The Results​

  • 27 Appointments
  • 274 Conversations
  • 3388 Prospects Outreached

Dispensary Ranked + Exotto

Experience the groundbreaking success of Dispensary Ranked as they leverage Exotto's solutions to conquer challenges, achieve exceptional results, and emerge as a leader.

Better Relationships. Less
work. More sales.